PROJECT LOCALIZE MEXICO (PLM) is a Spanish language program developed by the Lexicon of Sustainability for Mexican youth, which aims to promote economic, cultural, and social development in rural and urban communities. In order to achieve this, PLM empowers classrooms to use educational materials to discover methods of capacity building and local innovation that enable the preservation of Mexican culture and the construction of the new economy.
The program motivates youth to become advocates for sustainable ideas and agents of change in their own communities. The Lexicon of Sustainability works closely in Guadalajara with the Instituto de Ciencias, in the Sierra Gorda with Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda, and in Oaxaca with Puente a la Salud Comunitaria.


School: EMSAD No. 3 Community: Concá, Arroyo Seco


PROJECT LOCALIZE MEXICO helps you teach students to:

  1. Learn the principle terms and concepts of The Lexicon of Sustainability.
  2. Build understanding and vocabularies around the concepts of local food, water, and energy systems through investigating the lives and work of leaders in these fields.
  3. Engage with different stakeholders and record their stories through creating artistic reports (using interviews, photographs, and informative artistic pieces).
  4. Share this information with local communities through the organization and presentation of art expositions and alternative public venues for advocating sustainability.



School: Telebachillerato Comunitario Agua Fría Community: Agua Fría, Jalpan de Serra



School: Preparatoria Agrícola Community: Concá, Arroyo Seco



School: CECYTEQ-Colegio de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos de Estado de Querétaro Community: Pinal de Amoles, Pinal de Amoles



School: UTEQ Unidad Académica de Jalpan Community: Jalpan de Serra, Jalpan de Serra


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